YHR Series - Rack mount Type

YAHATA ELECTRIC is a pioneer and top maker of high voltage power supplies for copy machines and laser beam printers. Our High Accuracy DC Power supply is the result of many years of accumulated research, development and production.

High Accuracy&High Performance


  • High accuracy, low ripple voltage, high reliability, and protection function for safety.
  • Operation function of constant voltage/current output.
  • LED indicators showing constant voltage or constant current output operation.
  • Output voltage/current controlled by potentiometer, external resistance or external voltage.
  • Terminals with buffer amplifiers for monitoring output voltage and current.
  • Remote control terminals for ON/OFF
  • Detection of minimum output voltage for abnormal operation.(optional)
  • Shutdown for over output voltage.
  • LED indicators showing voltage output and abnormal operation.
  • Energy suppression built-in circuit for high voltage discharge.
Standard specifications
Input voltage AC90`264V
Output voltage/current 10`150kV,10`150W
Output polarity positive(+) or negative(-)
Regularity less than 0.01% for input voltage variation
less than 0.01% for load variation
Ripple voltage refer to the table
Linearity less than }0.5% for external control voltage vs. output voltage
Stability 0.01%/h after 30 min. warm-up
Temperature characteristic 80ppm/
Operation environment 0`+50
Storage environment -20`+65
It is able to correspond to either the EIA or the JIS standards rack specification.